Studies On The Soviet Union. New Series Volume Viii. Number 3. Soviet Literature: A Reappraisal.

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George Louis Kline (March 3, – October 21, ) was a philosopher, translator (esp. of Russian philosophy and poetry), and prominent American specialist in Russian and Soviet philosophy, author of more than publications, including two monographs, six edited or co-edited anthologies, more than published articles, book chapters, and encyclopedia entries, over 55 translations, and Alma mater: Boston University, Columbia University. FALSE CINEMA: DZIGA VERTOV AND EARLY SOVIET FILM This article was published in November in The New Criterion magazine (Volume 8, Number 3) on the eve of the collapse of the Soviet Union. * * * * * As the Soviets struggle with yet another. by the late Professor Frank A. Golder A considerable number of the documents of the present volume were selected and translated by Mr. Golder.” (Hoover War Library publications; no.3) Bunyan, James. The Origin of forced labor in the Soviet state, The Soviet Union Domestic Policy, Economics, Foreign Policy. Edited by Wolfgang Berner et al. Translated by Hannes Adomeit and Edwina Moreton. New York: Holmes & Meier, xx, pp. $ Leon Smolinski Published online by Cambridge. Cambridge Core - American Slavic and East European Review - Volume 9 - Issue 3 A new approach to the study of national character is being developed out of principles and research methods drawn from psychoanalysis and cultural anthropology. The Precarious Truce: Anglo-Soviet Relations By Gabriel Gorodetsky. Soviet and East European Studies series. New York and London: Cambridge University Press, xiv, pp. $ Donald Lammers Published online by Cambridge University. Polish-Soviet Relations The Limits of Autonomy Andrzej Paczkowski Institute of Political Studies Warsaw Any attempt at presenting the relations between two neighboring countries over the course of almost half a century in a brief paper is a highly. "8 After the Fall: Building Nations out of the Soviet Union" published on by INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND. 1. The categories of scholarly and memoir literature overlap in a number of works which have influenced Western thinking about Soviet culture under Stalin, for example Max Eastman, Artists in Uniform (New York, ) ; Andrey V. Olkhovsky, Music under the Soviet: The Agony of an Art (New York: Praeger, ) ; Iu. Elagin [J. Canada and the USSR together possess most of the territory in the Northern Hemisphere underlain by permafrost or perennially frozen ground. As about one half of the land area of each country is affected, the permafrost region of the Soviet Union is 2½ times larger than that of Canada. Resolutions and Decisions of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Volume 3: The Stalin Years Toronto, ON: Toronto University Press. Further reading Bibliographies. Bibliographies contain English and non-English language entries unless noted otherwise. Bibliographies of Stalinist Era in the Soviet Union. Applebaum, A. ().