Jean De Salisbury

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AUTOR Jean De Salisbury
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Der "Policraticus" des Johannes von Salisbury (/) ist eine der bedeutendsten politisch-theoretischen Schriften des Mittelalters. Policraticus: Eine Textauswahl. Lateinisch-Deutsch. Ausgewählt, übersetzt und eingeleitet von Stefan Seit (Herders Bibliothek der Philosophie des Mittelalters 1. Serie) | Johannes von Salisbury, Seit, Stefan, Seit, Stefan | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand Format: Gebundenes Buch. critical scholar, produced, in his Policraticus (), the first complete attempt at a philosophy of the state since Classical times. Stoic doctrines of natural law, society, state, and providence were important elements in his effort to construct a social philosophy on ethical and metaphysical principles. The impact of these doctrines. John of Salisbury (c. ) was the foremost political theorist of his age. He was trained in scholastic theology and philosophy at Paris, and his writings are invaluable for summarizing many of the metaphysical speculations of his time. The Policraticus is his main work, and is regarded as the first complete work of political theory to be written in the Latin Middle Ages. Full text of "John of Salisbury: Policraticus (Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought)" See other formats. Policraticus was the first book of political science to be produced during the Middle summerschool-heilbronn.den by John of Salisbury around , it belongs to the genre of advice literature known as "mirrors for princes", and is addressed to the territorial summerschool-heilbronn.de it takes up a wide variety of ethical questions, it is most famous for attempting to define the responsibilities of kings and their. books, the Policraticus and the Metalogicon (both ), in which his general intention was to show his contemporaries that in their thought and actions they were defecting from the true task of humanity. His work represented a protest against the professional specialization slowly developing in royal and papal administration and. 10/16/ · Description John of Salisbury’s Policraticus, meaning ‘the statesman’ in pseudo-Greek, is commonly attributed to being the first work of political theory written in the Middle summerschool-heilbronn.de are eight books in this approximately ,word compilation. The modern arrangement of the text does not reflect the order of its composition. Policraticus book. Read 2 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Regarded as the first complete work of political theory of the Latin Mi /5(2). 2/21/ · The Policraticus is his main work, and is regarded as the first complete work of political theory to be written in the Latin Middle Ages. Cary Nederman's new edition and translation, currently the only version available in English, is primarily aimed at undergraduate students of the history of political thought and medieval summerschool-heilbronn.des: 5. The Policraticus also sheds light on the decadence of the 12th-century court manners and the lax ethics of royalty. The idea of contemporaries standing on the shoulders of giants of Antiquity first appears in written form in the Metalogicon. After the death of Theobald in