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Mañana definition is - an indefinite time in the future. History and Etymology for mañana. Noun. Spanish, literally, tomorrow, from Vulgar Latin *maneana, from feminine of *maneanus early, from Latin mane early in . 4/25/ · manana; Etymology. Borrowed from Spanish mañana. Adverb. mañana (not comparable) Tomorrow. Sometime in the future. Usually to say in a satirical sense 'sometime in the unspecified future, despite the fact that we were told tomorrow without fail'. The plumber said he would come tomorrow. But I think he will probably be here mañana. Define manana. manana synonyms, manana pronunciation, manana translation, English dictionary definition of manana. adv. 1. Tomorrow. 2. At an unspecified future time. n. An indefinite time in the future. n the second step on the path to knowledge in Yoga meditation n. Mañana definition is - an indefinite time in the future. mañana definition: 1. some time in the future; later: 2. some time in the future; later. Learn more. What is the definition of mañana? What is the meaning of mañana? How do you use mañana in a sentence? What are synonyms for mañana? The Manana (pronounced Ma-Nya-Nah, from Spanish mañana, meaning "morning" or "tomorrow") was originally a compact two-door coupe/city car first introduced in Grand Theft Auto III, and appears in every game since then. It is manufactured by Albany in the HD Universe. For much of its existence, the Manana has been designed as a basic civilian car with a simple design. The Manana concept was. mañana translation in Spanish - English Reverso dictionary, see also 'diario de la mañana',edición de la mañana',lucero de la mañana',mangana', examples, definition, conjugation. Translation for 'mañana' in the free Spanish-English dictionary and many other English translations. Manana Manana Manana is good enough for me. My brother took his suitcase and he went away to school My father said he only learned to be a silly fool My father said that I should learn to make a chili pot But then I burned the house down the chili was too hot. Manana Manana Manana is . Manana Lyrics: The faucet she is dripping and the fence she's fallin' down / My pocket needs some money, so I can't go into town / My brother isn't working and my sister doesn't care / The car.