About Heilbronn

Experience Europe in Germany

Heilbronn (HN) is a medium-sized city in the province of Baden-Württemberg located in the northern corner of the beautiful Neckar basin. It is spread out on both banks of the Neckar on a fertile terrace and the highest spot inside city limits is the Schweinsberg with a height of 372 m.

Heilbronn is situated between the tourist cities of Stuttgart to the south and Heidelberg to the north. Both these cities can be reached easily by students and offer many sites and activities to visitors, also attracting many students due to the vibrant nightlife.

Students can reach many popular tourist destinations in Baden-Württemberg by train on a simple day trip and using a discounted Baden-Württemberg day ticket.
Heilbronn is less than two hours from Frankfurt – the most international city in Germany – and just three hours from the Bavarian city Munich.