Summer School

Experience Europe in Heilbronn, Germany

Six credits towards your degree, three weeks in the center of Europe, and one unforgettable experience – this is what awaits you at the Heilbronn Summer School!

The program offers you transferrable credit hours in international business and intercultural studies, right in the heart of Europe. The program includes excursions to leading companies in Southern Germany, discussions with experts in European business and the opportunity to experience German and European culture through exciting city trips and direct immersion into a lively German university setting.

In cooperation with Heilbronn University and Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University, the HILL Institute is proud to organize the annual summer school program for students from our partnering universities across the world.


Your Choice, Your Summer

Required Course

European Cultures and Management Styles

To be successful in the global economy, which is heavily influenced by North American and European corporate players, a (future) manager must understand the effect of culture differences on organizational behavior. European Cultures and Management Styles will investigate this effect, drawing on cases and examples from different parts of Europe.

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European Tourism Networks

The study of International Networks helps managers improve their strategies by understanding networks and its benefits, understanding the aspects of networks and relationships marketing, integrating international aspects into the network theory, understanding networking in the form of franchising as distribution and expansion strategy for tourism-related services (e. g. hotels, restaurant, travel agencies), applying network theory in practice in the form of case studies. Understanding these issues involves qualitative and quantitative research of international cases.

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Food Management in Europe

Farm to Fork

In this course a typical business project of “going global” is simulated:

You recently have been appointed to a new position in a company producing foods and beverages. This company sees only limited possibilities to grow any further in its home market and has decided to enter the European market with a new product line adapted to the local taste.

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Marketing in Europe

Folklore and Fact

While Europe, the Americas, Australia and New Zealand could be considered as a single Western civilization, Europe itself has the greatest linguistic and cultural diversity of the Western world. Diverse history, geography and socio-political developments in the various European countries, have resulted in manifold cultures that contrast (sometimes sharply) with the US.

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Data Science Bootcamp

A “Hands-On” Introduction to Modern Market Analysis

Today, management decisions are more than ever driven by data. Looking at job listing sites this even resulted in a new job description called “data scientist”. While there is a huge demand for this type of knowledge worker on the job market, a basic understanding of the works in this field is essential for every management position today.

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Summer School

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